0273C: Singapore Keto Superiority

Hey I've pretty much been in Singapore for a week and I've managed to stay on keto! To be fair, the biggest help is my sister and her efforts to continue to supplement me with keto-friendly food. And as they have been down this road as well, they've even been able to help me find options outside like just sticking to the original roast chicken of Kenny Rogers or going for the Yong Taufu soup at the food court.

On the whole, I feel like it's somewhat easier to stay on keto here than back in Manila. You're don't have to be paranoid about hidden sugar in just about anything. And with the wide diversity of dietary requirements here primarily because of the multicultural nature of Singapore, that has opened the doors to various options that still work with me. Then you have the more sophisticated supermarket options that include a lot of different organic food and other healthy, albeit more expensive, options.

And at least I have more ideas for things to cook when I get back home. I hope I've lost more weight during this trip. At the very least I am now on the last hole of my belt and I feel like I could use a new hole to tighten things fully. So that seems promising, right?