02737: Singapore Keto Adveture

So my keto efforts for the past month have not been in vain since I've actually lost weight and my sister is helping me stay on keto while here in Singapore. And so either I get keto-appropriate lunches thanks to her or I get tips on keto-friendly places to order food. I have more options here versus Singapore given all diverse meal requirements for food courts in Singapore. My current favorite is the Yong Tau Foo stall at Great World City that offers customizable soup options that allow me to pick precisely which ingredients go into my soup. And the end results can be quite filling even without meat options for the meal.

Keto isn't to hard to stay with versus other diets that I've tried over the years. At least it provides a better range of options versus simply going high protein alone. I'm still waiting for the bulk of the health benefits to really kick in but at least I'm steadily losing weight without going crazy from food denial. And thus even in a place with such a strong food culture like Singapore I'm still a happy camper.