02735: End of Year Crunch

October marks the last quarter of the year and we're certainly feeling the pinch as time "runs out" for 2018. The end of the year is always full of different events and celebrations that certainly add a lot more variety to our days than usual. It also means scheduling becomes more and more difficult.

We often joke that the end of the year is where games go to die as the scheduling challenges can pile up and make it harder to jump back into a long-term RPG campaign come the start of the new year. When you don't play regularly, even just monthly, you find it hard to pick up the reins of your respective characters and half of the new year session gets wasted on reconfirming what had happened before.

Our calendar this month alone is already rather thin on games because of my coming Singapore trip and Tobie's participation in this year's ESGS event as well. We've done our best to schedule as many games as possible but there's only so much free time to go around. November is the last decent month for scheduling such games as December will get lost to different Christmas-related events and other activities.

But we make the most of what we have.