02732: Tonight's Keto Dinner

I don't quite know what I created but there it is. It's pechay sauteed in some soy sauce, some cream dory lightly salted and cooked in butter and finally some chopped cauliflower and minced garlic cooked in the leftover dory butter liquid with the addition of some parmesan cheese. Three somewhat different flavors but it all came together for an interesting meal.

So there's cauli rice and whatever I ended up with was more of a cauli risotto because I had some much liquid. And that was because the dory was frozen when I started cooking it so a lot more water melted out of the fish and made a soup. But I didn't want the dory to be in a stew so I took them out and cooked the minced cauliflower in what was left. No more additional seasoning.

I'm not being super strict about computing my ratios and macros and going more by feeling. I compare my portions with what I had with Fit Food Manila and listening to my body when I start to feel particularly hungry as this very likely means I'm running low on fat intake. It's not a precise science but I don't feel like I'm a very severe kind of diet in terms of how hungry I feel. But the denial factor is still there as I still miss pizza and anything with noodles like ramen and pasta. Oh boy.

But gotta keep going. Seems like such a waste to derail the initial progress from my first month.