02731: Yaki-Keto

Pricey Pick-Up Grocery Run
Today we did another go at eating out after yesterday's aborted effort and ended up at Keizo, an old haunt that we hadn't been to in a while in favor of other Japanese restaurants. But given their decently-priced sashimi plate and grilled meat options, its seemed like a viable option. It took some time to explain to the waitress that I wanted to order grilled stuff with the teriyaki sauce left on the side as she was worried that the meat wouldn't have much flavor otherwise. But we explained the dietary effort and in the end it was a rather lovely dinner that was decently filling.

On the way home we swung by the grocery to help me resupply since I was running low of keto-compatible foodstuff. And while I typically rely on Honestbee for all of our grocery needs, going in-person was a prime opportunity to examine all the product labels to figure out what options were and weren't viable. This is why I ended up with CDO's Premium Uncured Bacon product versus this Country Style Bacon I had almost ordered before but apparently contains sugar based on today's study. We found some nice ranch and caesar dressing with about a gram of carbs per 30g of dressing and some sausages with a similar amount of carbs per link.

I'm also trying my sister's advice of investing in more expensive butter for my bulletproof coffee and I got a whole block of cheddar cheese for incidental snacking. Throw in some pork chops and a wide variety of vegetables and I'm pretty good to last until my Singapore trip next week.

I've been on keto for over a month now and things are going pretty well. I'm still learning what options I have for home cooking but it's definitely easier to stick to keto by preparing my own meals instead of eating out. Tonight's experiment was already quite tricky and I'll have to keep looking for keto options should we find ourselves eating out again in the future especially when with family or friends.