02730: Not Dining Out

A lot of times after work there's the urge to just have dinner somewhere instead of going home to cook. And tonight was one of those times when the urge felt particularly strong and Tobie actually humored me enough to look around a bit and consider my options. And despite this being a Mercato day, just looking at all the pre-marinated meat waiting to be grilled just had me trying to figure out how much sugar went into the sauces for those meats and that got me worried. When you're on keto you do your best to keep your carb count very low and most restaurants aren't too great in this regard given how sugar tends to find its way into practically anything these days, not just desserts.

In the end we went home and I prepared a quick dinner that involved sauteing a bunch of veggies in  butter and olive oil with some light seasoning then making a creamy sauce to go with some Quorn "meat" balls. It was a nice filling dinner and certainly hit all the right notes in terms of my keto goals and was totally better than having gone out, I suppose. This is why most keto folks get into meal prep and such - it's easier to hit your numbers when you have full control over what goes into your body. I'm still in the process of figuring out meals and optimizing our supplies to better support my keto needs while not overly depriving Tobie of good food. It's a struggle.

Eating out will continue to be a challenge for us while I'm trying to stick to this keto diet. And I do enjoy eating out so figuring out options is something that I'll continue to look into. My best options are like just eating sashimi maybe or plain steaks. I can't even order something off the regular Salad Stop! menu given some of the choices but I could probably make a custom salad that meets my needs.

I've gotten this far so it seems silly not to keep at it all the way to the end. Wish me luck, folks.