0272F: Three Hundred Ninety-Nine

I recently decided to take stock of our game collection after my massive Star Wars: Armada acquisition and a few other recent board purchases by me and Tobie (both new games and secondhand ones) and we're now at 399 games tagged as owned. To be fair, this is the gross number that includes all expansions and given Armada that often includes individual ships that get counted as games so that number can feel a little bloated.

This leads to a very real challenge when you own a game with many expansions - extra boxes. Many expansions add a few new components to the base game that can fit in the original box and so now you have some empty pretty boxes lying around. Some boxes are very durable and could be reused for, well, other games. Other boxes are very thin and flimsy and they're just so much waste lying around in an increasingly delicate tower of equally empty boxes.

So I've started to use Google PhotoScan to start capturing the images of our various game boxes and then open the door to letting some of these flimsier boxes go. I've barely begun to scan our games and upload them to this Google Photos album so nothing has been thrown away quite yet. But we're going to get there. Eventually. And this is important because we need to regain some storage in order to have homes for more of our games.

Quite literally #GamerProblems.