0272E: DIY Keto

So I'm off the Fit Food Manila keto meal service this week since I'll be going to Singapore soon. I could have stuck it out for one more week but after a month of pre-prepared meals I was totally missing cooking more. It does mean that Tobie ends up having one foot in the keto door, so to speak, but he's still more free to consume stuff outside of the keto range. I'm still doing my best to stick to things as best as possible in order not to waste what had been managed over the past weeks.

The biggest change is that I'm not exactly determined to have three square meals and 2 set snacks everyday - that's a bit too much meal prep or comfort. So instead I'm carrying through the day thanks to the bullet coffee that I prepare at work and a good brunch meal. You could say that I'm sort of doing intermittent fasting because of how my meal plan is structured and oddly enough it doesn't feel as difficult as feared. I suppose the four weeks on a stricter meal service helped curb my appetites to some degree.

Let's see how well I can manage this over the next few days along with making sure that my energy levels don't dip too crazily either. I have an odd mix of cheese, almonds and chicharon on standby as possible snacks should things get too bad.

Then there'll be the challenge of Singapore as it's always more fun to eat food when you're away from home and especially with family. My sister will be my main keto support pillar when possible but I know I'll have to figure out ways to keeping pace otherwise. Tricky, tricky.