0272D: Gaming Happiness

Saturday night was great. We spent the night gaming with good friends "up north" and as hosts they tried to make sure that I'd have something to eat given my ketogenic diet efforts as of late. We played a good mix of games and shared interesting stories and on the whole I'm glad that we managed to set that game schedule somewhat at the last minute given recent travel plans. But they're the sort of friends who are always worth the effort to meet up with as they genuinely enjoy our game nights together and are always good company.

Today we took things a bit slower apart from an errand all the way at Greenhills to pick up a copy of Legendary: World War Hulk. Thankfully Waze found us an alternate route that cut our travel time to about 30 minutes from BGC as opposed to had we taken the unusual madness of Edsa on a payday weekend.

I'm super excited for this set now that I've had a chance to go over the cards while sleeving them. I had totally underestimated the value of this expansion as it ads a very creative Transformation power that swaps one card for another for great benefit. It's opens up some very interesting possibilities especially with characters like Rick Jones and Sentry who have multiple transformation cards that can trigger in diverse ways.

A lot of folks in the BoardGameGeek forums tends to complain at how "bloated" the Legendary games have become, but I can't really complain. What they;re managing to do is to slowly address almost every single Marvel character and storyline through its card system, which literally allows players to play out just about any idea for a Marvel mash-up that they could dream of. And that's an amazing endeavor that has us committed to the game line and constantly buying up card sleeves just to keep pace.

It's a good time to be a geek.