0272B: Gaming Keto Struggles

We managed to pull together a game for tonight at practically the last minute given I had initially left the weekend open in case I might need to fly to Singapore sooner. But this also meant the usual fun of the gaming group ordering take-out for dinner while I contented myself with the last of my Fit Food Manila keto meals. There is a particular ironic pain that comes with being the host of the game as I tend to handle coordinating such dinner deliveries. And so I got to be the one to answer the door for the McDonald's delivery man and had to inspect the order closely to ensure that nothing was missing. And after it meant a game table awash with the smells of McDonald's takeout while the memory of my dinner had long since faded from my tongue. Fun.

We have another board game night lined up for tomorrow and this time around other friends will be hosting. They said they'd make an effort to prepare keto-friendly gaming fare even though I said no need to go through the hassle but I'll definitely appreciate it. For now I have some pre-cut celery waiting in the fridge should I get too mad with some sour cream as a ready dip. Help me keto gods.

I don't even know how things will go during my upcoming trip to Singapore. As much as my sister is my biggest keto advocate and the mean reason I got started on this diet, it's also a family trip and it's hard not to want to eat heartily while with family. Let's see how that goes.

For now, I think it's celery time. It won't fully replace the desire for McDonald's fries that I'm feeling but it'll have to do.