02729: Egg Crazy

Photo ganked from Nippon.com
My love for Japanese cuisine and culture and a lot of YouTube time has resulted in a rather strong fascination with Japanese tamagoyaki, which is a very particular way that they create omelets. We actually have one of these rectangular pans for cooking them and thus far Tobie has been the one brave enough to use it. But now I'm rather keen on trying it out for myself come the weekend despite the potential cost in eggs as I try to get it right.

To be fair, there are so many fascinating ways to make eggs with a lot of similar motions. Tamagoyaki, omurice and even classic French omelets all have similar initial steps when it comes to scrambling the egg. There's scrambling it in the pan and then the odd flipping motion to get the eggs to fold over well. So many techniques! And as eggs remain one of the easier things that are keto-friendly, I'm rather keen on trying more egg preparation styles for the heck of it.

Oh keto life.

I still really want to go to Japan someday soon.