02728: Keto Shopping Realitities

It goes without saying that vegetables are pretty expensive these days. Between record inflation and typhoons affecting farmland practically during harvest time, prices are rather crazy. And this is not the sort of thing you want to deal with while you're preparing to create your own ketogenic meals.

Given my impending travel plans, this is the last week of my meal service via Fit Food Manila. It has been an interesting ride and I've lost some weight and I've learned a lot but I am not exactly sad that I'll have to cook for myself. I think I have some good ideas in mind for meals to prepare plus it means that Tobie and I can share food meals fully again. It's already weird still eating my prepared meals while occasionally cooking dinner for Tobie and not typically getting to eat it as well.

So that means biting the bullet and investing in good ingredients in the form of proper keto-appropriate vegetables. I still need to get a good feel for what I can prepare but generally I'm going to go simple with something for protein mixed with some good leafy vegetables and fatty elements like butter or cream involved elsewhere in the process. There's more to it than that but at least that's the general flow.

Whew life. And it's not even like we have all the quirky and interesting vegetables either.