02722: Keto Day 10

So I'm ten days into my keto journey (thanks to my sister) and it's been an interesting ride thus far. Adjustment hasn't been too severe beyond the first week and I've lost about 8 pounds so far. I've mostly stuck to the diet as faithfully as possible apart from some additional snacks of almonds and cashews and the two days when I didn't have meals delivered for one reason or another. We even had an O Bar night (for which we compromised with red wine instead of beer)

A few learnings:

  • I really like cauliflower rice and broccoli rice and I totally want to work that into our regular meals after this initial month on keto. It can be really yummy with garlic and I see a lot of ways to play with that as a base.
  • My current meal service leans heavily on coconut flour for everything from frying batter to desserts. This will not be part of my post meal service cooking ingredients.
  • This experiment has introduced me to the magic of shirataki noodles. I just need to figure out how to keep a regular supply for future experiments.
  • A lot of keto-friendly desserts are very effective at making you not want to have desserts for a while.
The general plan is to continue with one meal service or another until the end of the month or when I need to fly to Singapore - whichever comes first. Beyond that it'll be up to me and Tobie to manage our meals more along these lines should we choose to continue together, which is totally feasible I think. Only time will tell at this point.