02720: Monday Mania

Between last night and this morning it has been quite an eventful Monday in a less than ideal sense. Some snafu regarding my keto meal delivery last night resulted in my not having food for the day and our condo reception guards essentially only scratching their heads given the lack of a justifiable explanation for how they had allowed someone to take my food. It's crazy and most unfortunate and it started my date on a very sour note. Thankfully Fit Food Manila was super awesome by offering to refund me for the meals for the day despite this not being their fault. They've certainly earned my loyalty for the duration of this keto meal service trial period because of that gesture. Now if only they'd cut down on their use of coconut flour in non-dessert meals.

After the busy work day I've just been decongesting at home. I prepared a quick keto dinner (as far as I can tell) as part of the efforts to make up for the lack of meal prep and to help ensure Tobie has some good food tomorrow. I really love the Prima Taste Black Pepper sauce mix but I imagine it's not going to be as easy to eat with rice to cushion the heat. We'll find out once we eat as Tobie just arrived home while I was writing this post.

I hope the rest of the week fares better.