0271F: Odd Butterfly

First, kinda proud Tobie and I survived my efforts to stay on keto despite going to O Bar and not having the support of a meal service today. It took some research of more keto-friendly alcohol options along with avoiding the lure of most of O Bar's delicious bar chow to end with me actually still losing about a pound by the time of my weigh in upon waking.

Today we limited ourselves to quick meals with a heavy need for eggs for support. Still not quite ideal meal planning given our grocery levels were low given the storm but I think we did okay.

We just finished watching a local staging of M. Butterfly, which was certainly creative but not quite well done. They had a lot of big ideas for what they wanted to achieve but kind of fell short in different ways. Alas, not every play can be a gem.

All in all the storm was thankfully not too bad in Manila but it did do a lot of damage further north. And so we ended up with a pretty good weekend.