0271E: Gloomy Saturday

So we ended up cancelling our scheduled games for the weekend because of the super typhoon moving through the country. The actual weather here in BGC hasn't been that bad with the rains only really kicking this afternoon but things have been worse in other areas. So as much as we wish we still had friends over to game today, it was for the best to cancel plans to ensure everyone was safe.

On a related tangent, my keto meal service had to apologize that they wouldn't be able to make deliveries today so I'm going to get a refund for tomorrow's keto meals instead. That means I need to do my best to stay within my keto limits and I'll see what we can manage.

Beyond that I've mostly been working on tidying up aspects of the collection today including organizing Transformers manuals and unboxing some of the new Star Wars: Armada ships I just got so Tobie and I can expand our games a bit more. It's a slow Saturday but we'll do our best to keep pace with things.

Stay safe, everyone.