0271C: Coconut Flour Aversion

So one of the weirder discoveries during this whole keto diet transition is the existence of coconut flour. For my current meal service provide, this being Fit Food Manila, coconut flour seems to be their go-to solution for a lot of dishes since they seem to like frying things with breading. I get it - it's a somewhat healthier alternative with more fiber and all that good stuff, but it often adds a strong coconut taste to things. And it's not a taste that's easy to adapt to.

A good example of how this throws the taste off was today's "Asparagus Fries" snack were some I guess deep fried asparagus stalks but still using the coconut flour. Even with minimal breading the coconut flavors were very strong and given how uneven breading can be some pieces tasted of coconut to an almost unbearable degree. Not that great at all. At least it sort of looks like tempura breading.

This may just boil down to taste and I guess I'll always feel like there are tastier alternatives to figuring out my food for the day. And I think I'd fry stuff a lot less if it were up to me to cook. These are all things I'm taking note of for when we wrap up this keto meal service experiment. Like when I subscribed to Delicious Diet last year, the whole goal is to better understand how all this works and get a feel for the sort of meals that I can cook moving forward.

But ugh, I will not be using coconut flour in my own cooking.