0271A: Keto Flu Concerns

So I'm on my second day of this keto diet via Fit Food Manila as part of a rather elaborate birthday gift from my sister. I'm down 3 pounds, which is meaningless at this point as that's probably more like water weight. It's fat too easy to shake that off and regain the pounds with interest.

Mentions of being on a ketogenic diet has resulted in many people warning me about the "keto flu" as it's called. It's basically the side effects of your body going into ketogenisis because of the lack of carbs to convert into energy. I'm pretty sure I felt some of that yesterday afternoon. I wasn't exactly hungry but I was feeling very shaky, like when you haven't eaten in a while, if that description makes sense. It made me super eager to get to dinner and after I still needed some tea to fully settle my system.

I'm not as bad today as I supplemented my meal service with some lightly salted almonds to help me bridge the hours to the next meal. Plus there was the bonus of our first harvest of mushrooms that I sauted in some butter and olive oil.

It's a long journey ahead but hopefully after this month I'll be less dependent on carbs and on the road to better health.