02717: Moltres Day

Given I wasn't expecting Tobie to get back from his company outing until the afternoon, I ended up making plans with a Twitter friend to go looking for Pokemon today. I had lost track of the fact that today was a big Moltres-centric event for Pokemon Go and so from 11:00am to 02:00pm most gyms had Moltres raids.

Needless to say it was an interesting today.

In terms of Pokemon kilometers as tracked by the eggs I hatched and the Pokemon candy I collected with my buddy, I seem to have covered about 7 kilometers today visiting different gyms in order to participate in Moltres raids with hordes of other Pokemon Go players who had trekked to BGC for the event. And given BGC's above-average Pokemon Gym density, it made sense to invest in a trip here for days like this.

It was oddly fun despite how tiring it was an how sunny today happened to be. We'd all gather at different gyms and there was that unspoken acknowledgement that yes, we're all playing the same game and maybe we're sort of a community but I don't know you from Adam. Today even included a complete stranger walking up to me and my friend to ask if we could trade Pokemon because he needed to do so for a quest. We exchanged friend codes and processed the trade and sent him on his way without even getting his name. Crazy.

I set out today just to have a little Pokemon fun with no particular goals in mind. In the end I promised not to go home until I had caught a shiny Moltres for myself. And I managed to get one after battling at least 10 of them across the various gyms because it was that sort of a day.

Happy Moltres Day.