0270E: Birthday Week Games

So over the course of the week of my birthday, three new board games have been added to our collection. And quite frankly I'm very excited to learn how to play all of them.

First there's Photosynthesis, an odd strategy game that has players growing trees in a competitive manner. My team at work got me this game in line with the Studio Ghibli themed birthday celebration, which was a great choice since I have been eyeing this game for some time now.

Second is Village, which is yet another game that Tobie has picked up secondhand. It looks like a pretty fascinating game that reminds me a lot of Legacy but without the aristocratic focus. The game has won many awards and I think it's going to be an interesting addition to our game nights.

And finally there's Dice Forge, which is "officially" Tobie's birthday gift for me this year. He had a chance to play it before during an event I wasn't able to attend and while a dice game it seems to have an interesting mechanic at its core. Key to the game is customizing or upgrading the faces of your dice to get you better rolls, which is a similar mechanic to how the dice for LEGO board games are built, hence why Tobie thought it might be something I'd enjoy.

And this is why our collection keeps growing. We're never shy about getting a game that seems like a good addition to our game nights and we just keep on going and going and going. No regrets there.