02709: Newbie Gaming

Many of the tabletop games in our collection require a lot of strategic thinking and probably more than an hour of actual play time. They're all great games and very fulfilling to play but you can't just play those sorts of games. Especially given how we regularly try to introduce new people to the joys of the modern board game hobby, those are the sort of games that are bound to scare people away rather than encourage them.

And so our collection still includes a good number of "simpler" games or games we tend to consider to either be great gateway games to introduce new gamers to the hobby and others are sort of good intermission games that you can play in-between more complex ones. Just today we dug up some of the quirkier games of this nature including Zombie Dice and Here, Kitty, Kitty! to help a friend try out more games. And it made for a fun afternoon.

A good game collection has a little something for everyone. And these games fulfill a very specific role in ours and they help scratch that specific gaming itch from time to time.