02706: Medical Firsts

TL;DR: I'm okay. My doctor says I'm okay, albeit obviously in need of dietary lifestyle changes.

So today I went through my very first ultrasound and my first 2D echo. As a follow-up to the results of my annual physical, my doctor wanted to make sure there was nothing more serious causing some of my results apart from my weight and so she ordered a battery of tests to confirm and/or eliminate possible reasons. And so I used today's Singapore holiday to get my repeat urinalysis, ultrasound and 2D echo procedures done.

I probably should have done some advanced reading on how long all this would take was I was not prepared for the 2D echo needing about an hour of time to complete. So good thing it was a non-working day for us despite there being some work stuff I'm still helping to manage today. It was an interesting experience, so say the least, and now I'll just need to wait for all the results to be ready before I go see a doctor again to interpret things for me. Fingers and toes crossed.

The whole time I was going through the ultrasound and the 2D echo, I could only think of all the weird diagnostic machines used in the old game Theme Hospital. Unavoidably the procedures involved a lot of poking and prodding and repeated instructions to breathe in deeply or to try to have a full bladder or turning this way or that way. At least it's done for now.