02703: Mulitple Birthday Celebrations

Last night was this month's meeting of the Finer Gaming Things Club and as is the habit it was also the group's effort to celebrate my birthday. This we had a crazy amount of classic birthday fare from Amber's and a Conti's Mango Bravo cake to boot! The group always has good food for our game sessions but I definitely appreciated the food.

Beyond that it was another solid night of great gaming with friends. The FGTC feature a great mix of players that always prove to be a challenge to face in any game. But beyond that the group is always a lot of fun and keep things light and enjoyable and not like cutthroat competitive.

So I guess this kicks off proper birthday celebrations for this month. As we meet our different gaming groups and other social circles we're all going to take a little time out to at least great me happy birthday.

It's going to be a fun, crazy time over the next two weeks.