02701: Realigning

So it was sort of an odd way to wrap up this work week by checking out the 24/7 Maxicare Primary Care Center which is oddly near to St. Luke's Medical Center, which also hosts a Maxicare Primary Care Center. But the standalone location is the one with special operating hours and so I wanted to see what it's like first before going needing to go to St. Luke's.

Nothing serious - I just wanted to see a doctor to go over my APE results and the additional blood I had requested at that time. There are a few items for concern, which is natural given my being overweight, but nothing that required immediate medication, as the doctor had put it. In addition to recommended dietary changes, she did request a few more tests to just check on the few blips on my APE and to eliminate the scarier possibilities. And thankfully the Maxicare PCC can probably handle all the needed tests, which is super convenient.

But in the interim I need to pump myself full of water before I get around to additional tests.