02700: Birthday Swag

I may not precisely know how I want to celebrate my birthday in terms of like a party or some other sort of celebration, but I am trying to make the most of odd birthday bonuses. Thus far I've redeemed a half-dozen box of Krispy Kreme original glazed donuts thanks to Globe and a free Butao King from Ramen Nagi (albeit with the purchase of a regular Butao King for Tobie). I still need to get around to passing by Shakey's and maybe finally try to avail of my free pizza that comes with having a Supercard, which is funny since I've never bothered to claim one in the past years.

I also super appreciate all the friends who have taken the time to gift me books from my Kindle Wish List on Amazon despite the quirky way the gifting system is this year versus years prior. In lieu of a party, I'm quite happy just to get more books to read even if I hardly have time to read everything in my collection. Such is the life.

The rains are picking up again although no storms projected to come close to the country just yet. Which means this is more of the seasonal monsoon rains somewhat enhanced by those distant storm systems and low pressure areas.