0269D: Rainy Day Dumplings

During our regular walk home from work, Tobie had us detour to Din Tai Fung for a lovely dinner out instead of figuring out what to cook at home. He used the fact that it's my birthday month to somehow justify this indulgence but who am I to say no to Xiao Long Bao, right? So we ordered a lot of our favorites and also experimented with some new Xiao Long Bao variants including kimchi, chili grab and uni. Needless to say, it was a great dinner that was timed perfectly to avoid the rains tonight.

The weather today hasn't been as bad as it has been further north, it seems, but that has always been part of BGC's odd charm. This morning was miserable though and both Tobie and I ended up needing to get rides to work instead of our usual walks as the rains were strong enough to make walking a really bad idea. There were moments of sunshine in the afternoon but as evening neared things started to get pretty gloomy again.

They're saying that the weather will remain rainy until the end of the week, which is troublesome news for the likes of Marikina and other flood-prone locations. Let's hope things don't get as bad as they did last week. I don't think people can handle more rain of that nature so soon.