0269C: Reigniting Travel Options

Well, we're back home at the Sietch and all the joys of Metro Manila. It wasn't too difficult to get a ride home despite the recent rains and thankfully even Grab was rather cooperative despite coming from the airport. I was honestly worried that the bad weather would mean significant flight delays but it seems things had calmed down long enough such that we were only delayed less than 30 minutes despite having left Palawan early.

Despite how Tobie and are too keen on beaches, I think we've fallen in love with Palawan to some degree after this trip. It's precisely because Sabang Beach was so peaceful and without a crazy night life that I think we enjoyed ourselves even more than in places like Boracay or Puerto Galera. And the folks at Daluyon Beach & Mountain Resort really pulled out all the stops to make the whole experience as pleasant and memorable as possible. More folks probably end up at the nearby Sheridan resort but the Daluyon experience feels a lot more in tune with the location and certainly a lot of fun.

I super appreciated how the tourism industry in the area definitely has a strong conservation and environmental awareness at play versus other places. This makes sense as the Underground River needs to be protected but it's nice when the rest of the community helps here and there. Daluyon stands out in their environmental focus as they are proudly a zero carbon emission hotel with all the little efforts to help things along like partially relying on solar power to support the villas, using refillable dispensers for soap and shampoo instead of giving single-use sachets and bottles, and all the way down to consistently giving folks bamboo straws for drinks. This may not as matter as much to most folks, but we super appreciated their green efforts in this regard.

And as this was our first trip together in about 3 years, I think we may try to map out a return trip sometime or even a exploration of other locations. Our travel efforts sort of died down after Yoshi's diagnosis and we never quite got back into the swing of things. But now I wouldn't even mind just a staycation in a nearby hotel sometime just to get away from our routine and to enjoy the benefits of other people worrying about your day to day domestic needs instead of that being our thing, if you get what I mean.

So yeah, it was a great weekend getaway. We got lucky with beautiful weather despite rains on the island just a few days before. Now to hope that things get better in Metro Manila as well.