02699: Maintenance Day

Today is Singapore's National Day, which means a day officially without work obligations. And so we recommended to the local team to use the day to get our annual physicals done as part of our HMO benefit. It had been long overdue but as the nearest clinic that could handle all the tests that are part of the APE was the Glorietta branch of Patient First, I can understand how scheduling was tricky for everyone.

I made sure to go early, which felt a little counterintuitive the prescribed clinic hours were earlier than Glorietta's mall hours. I had not realized that access was possible through the Mercury Drug beneath the clinic but hey you learn something new every day. Processing was fairly quick and I actually finished everything within an hour, which was cool. It somewhat helped that I was used to how these things go given my years of APE's during my call center years, which included me planning ahead for pre-blood test fasting and the eternal puzzle of how to collect a stool sample at home as doing so at the clinic will never make me feel comfortable.

Beyond that I had a few other pre-trip errands to run while at the mall which kept me busy. Plus I got to indulge a bit with old favorites like a Burger King Whopper and a pretzel from Auntie Anne's. Good times.

We fly to Puerto Princesa tomorrow morning and I'm pretty excited. Tobie and I haven't traveled together in years, strangely enough, and this coming trip should be fun regardless of what we actually end up doing. The weather forecast is a little gloomy but we'll see how things actually go. Fingers and toes crossed!