02697: Unusual Errands

When it comes to clothes, Tobie and I are terrible shoppers but probably great customers.

What I mean by that is we don't take too long choosing what to buy and will probably go for the first option that feels comfortable or something. Case in point, today we dropped by SM Aura after work because we figured we needed sandals before our Palawan trip this weekend.

But given this is the SM Aura department store that we're talking about, we knew that our options would be limited since (1) it's a relatively smaller store and (2) they tend to focus on higher end product options. But it was still our best chance for finding possible options for something as random as sandals as we wanted the ones with the straps that don't get swept away by the tide unlike the case with slippers and flip-flops.

As I tend to favor comfort and Tobie is limited by whichever options are in his size, it took longer to get the sandals in our sizes versus the time we needed to pick out options we wanted to test. And once we had tried on the ones they had brought out from the stockroom we were already at the counter within the next 10 minutes. Someone got an easy sale today.

Clothing and related items like shoes tend to be functional purchases more than anything else. And so we tend to blitz through quickly as long as we find something that fits well enough. Admittedly that only becomes a challenge because of how big I am and how tall Tobie's proportions are. But beyon that such purchases tend to blitz by pretty quickly.