0268F: Right Without Rain

Tobie's flight from Bangkok landed last night around 11:00pm and I made sure to stay up until he got back home. As he was traveling with his parents that meant first going to their place, settling things, then driving from Paranaque to BGC. That wasn't too bad of a drive after midnight but naturally no one is in the mind to drive after a lengthy flight. But he got home safely and we had some late night pizza from Yellow Cab even though the delivery guy first forgot to bring the actual pizza apart from the pasta and chicken we had also ordered.

Today I was happy to discover that the Pho Hoa/My Thai restaurant that I've been passing during my walks to and from the office is already on soft opening mode. Tobie and I love pho and this chain is a decent option in Metro Manila. We had a branch near the old Sietch thanks to Gateway but this one's even more convenient since we're bound to pass by during our walks home.

We stopped by for dinner after work today and went home very happy campers. We're not too fancy - give us a good bowl of pho and a side of rolls (we cycle through the different varieties depending on our mood) and of course the fresh lemonade. Always a good meal.

Things definitely feel a lot more normal again.