0268D: Home Again, Home Again

Travel always takes a lot out of me and the timing for my flight today was certainly less than ideal. I don't mind red eye flights but I tend to prefer ones that are closer to midnight instead of first thing in the morning. My 6am flight home this morning meant not sleeping in order to avoid missing my flight (I am not a light sleeper) and a fair amount of idle time at the quiet Changi Airport.

Getting to the airport had no major issues apart from some awkward, bulky luggage I had to bring home with me. The flight itself was a little stressful since I was seated next to two kids with the younger one being about 3 or 4 maybe? The kid wanted to sit at the window but as I had paid specifically for a window seat and I hadn't slept, I really wasn't open to negotiation.

Getting home wasn't too bad. I managed to get a Grab Car from the airport within 2 attempts and went straight to my mom. It was actually trickier to get a ride from her place within BGC so I ended up with a Grab Taxi to lug the rest of my stuff home.