0268C: Last Day

So my last day in Singapore was super busy with two meetings and a fair bit of travel in-between. Even got caught in a Singapore (traffic) jam, which was more like Edsa on a good day. I have some client goodies in the form of more Quorn products, which I'm super keen on trying when I get the chance. Then we made the obligatory stop at Books Kinokuniya for some geeky shopping and capped it off with an awesome steamboat dinner at Coca Restaurant - always a fun and delicious experience.

My flight home is at 06:00am so my sister has booked us for a late night screening of Skyscraper. I'm already trying to organize my things before the movie but I'll more likely get things properly packed after. At the very least I've gone through the usual routine of gathering all the things that I need to bring home, which is an odd mix of my limited purchases and various items people are making me bring home for family or for the Manila office. It's the usual sort of shuttle service deal that anyone has to deal with when making regular trips between the Philippines and just about anywhere.

As always this trip initially seemed long in the beginning but turned out to be shorter than expected by the end of things. Such is the way of these things.