02687: Bad Weather

It is with some irony that Metro Manila has not been directly impacted by recent typhoons and related storm systems moving through the Philippine Area of Responsibility. Instead these low pressure areas and the like have significantly enhanced the annual monsoon rains to the point that it feels like the storms are here even when they're not. This is not to discount the actual impact the storms have had on the northern parts of the country - just making an observation here.

It's a great time to have indoor hobbies that take lots and lots of time.

Last night we had our Changeling the Dreaming game session for the month and it was another interesting romp into a world where the supernatural bleeds through. Tobie has been trying to keep the scale of our story pretty local in focus as opposed to a lot of our previous save-the-world type campaigns and it's proving to be an interesting experience. We're all still young in terms of Changelings and so our abilities are quite limited. Thus any challenge proves to be pretty intimidating.

Today we cancelled a toy meet-up at Megamall due to the strong rains but the weather isn't bad enough to cancel on our board game session at another condo within BGC. More gaming, more fun!

Then tomorrow I have to focus on getting ready for my flight to Singapore in the afternoon. As always I tend to pack only within 12 hours of the flight haha.