02684: Balance

During my trudge home in the rain after dinner at alone at SM Aura, Tobie called to check on where I was. Apparently he was back from Tagaytay already and waiting at the Sietch but I had take my time to get other errands done before starting the walk home. The rain started to pick up during my walk and there I was with two grocery bags filled with several kilograms of cured meats to bring to Singapore next week.

His call had surprised me since I wasn't expecting him to be home yet, but I also hadn't kept track of time all that well. Over dinner I had been listening to the music of Childish Gambino while reading The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay and from there I passed by the grocery for the aforementioned tocino and tapa. While walking I had switched to listening to Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me and so I was rather lost in the experience. The first call didn't connect well so he had to call back and from there I confirmed he was home and that I was on my way home.

The rain picked up and even my big umbrella wasn't enough to fully shield me from the elements. But despite the heavy bags and the miserable weather things felt perfectly fine because Tobie was home and we were already talking about his trip while I did my best not to get too wet and to not drop my bags.

These are the moments that really make life special.