02683: Quiet Rainy Tuesday

Tobie's in Tagaytay for some overnight work thing and that leaves me a little aimless in terms of my routine outside of work. Normally I wrap up my day quickly at the end of the work day to meet up with Tobie downstairs so we can walk home together. He actually gets out a little earlier than I do but he lingers to meet up for our walk unless he needs to rush home ahead for whatever reason.

But today I lingered at the office and fished for dinner ideas on Twitter until I ended up at Teriyaki Boy (as was the winner of my poll). Eating alone doesn't bother me too much since I'm bound to read anyway. This time I listened to some random Childish Gambino on Spotify while reading through the recent Invincible Iron Man comics to pass the time.

I got home pretty late since I had first swung by the grocery to pick up a few items and took my time busying myself with chores around the Sietch like taking the trash out and folding laundry. And now I'm trying to work through my daily blog stuff before it gets too late.

Also need to sleep earlier since Tobie's not around to wake me up in the morning. The cold can go either way in terms of my sleep cycle as it could mean waking up way too early with an urgent need to pee or waking up too late just because it's so cold and comfy.

It's just one night.