02681: More O Bar Fun

Last night at O Bar was pretty bananas. Beyond the fabulous birthday concert performances for O Diva Precious Paula Nicole, our little group at our part of the table certainly had fun. We somehow made friends with these first-timers from Guam and as always there were free tequila shots passed around and the odd bonus of some delicious pate as well. There's no party like an O Bar party and these O Bar birthday celebrations for the O Divas are always super crazy fun.

We pretty much closed the bar and emerged into the daylight to find rain pouring down pretty intensely. But Tobie made sure to get us home safely and it's yet another instance of me being thankful that he drives a car.

We've mostly stayed in today to shake off the more negative effects of all the alcohol from last night. I christened some of the new ceramic cookware that we had purchased at Landers yesterday and I think it's fair to say that I'm pretty happy with the results. I managed to cook some tocino and had no issues with clean-up after, which is pretty impressive given how that stuff really sticks to a pan once the sugar caramelizes. Good stuff.

Now there's some time to step out and stretch our legs a bit.