02680: First Landers Adventure

Our board game session for tonight got cancelled and we ended up bringing my mom over to the new Landers Superstore in Pasig. I had never been to a Landers before but my mom had enjoyed one of their locations in Cebu and she was eager to see how this newer location would differ. And as my main experience was only with S&R, I had no other context to see how things would differ.

Needless to say it was a bonkers experience and Tobie and I picked up a few items of interest while mom got through her own shopping. We got a 14 piece pot and pan set to help replace some of our older cookware that had been long overdue for a replacement and some interesting modular shelving cube things that might help with the mountains of board games that decorate the Sietch at present. It's not like that problem is going to away anytime soon but we'll continue to manage things as best as possible.

We still have O Bar to look forward to tonight. I hope our livers are up to the task!