0267C: DisneyLife Trap

So I was going through my text messages one by one in order to clear those still marked unread when I noticed that Globe had messaged regarding an offer for 6 months of free Disney Life service. I had noticed that Globe had invested a fair bit in promoting the Disney-specific streaming service here and there but figured that I'd have no need for something like this since both Netflix and iflix already had a decent amount of Disney-owned content on their platforms, so who would need a Disney-only library? Who needs another streaming service in their life after the likes of Netflix?

But hey, free is free and I signed up and installed the app.

This probably wasn't a great idea as my recent fascination for YouTube videos about the Disney parks and other theme parks has me quite primed in a Disney mindset. But man, this was beyond my expectations.

Sure, Disney is more than just Disney these days and getting access to things like the classic Star Wars movies or some of the older Marvel movies isn't too thrilling as other streaming services have had them as well. But how about a boatload of featurettes including behind-the-scenes stuff for Star Wars or anniversary content for Beauty and the Beast?

And then there's the Pixar stuff. Sure you expect the Pixar movies, but how about every single Pixar short that had ever been released all the way back to the Luxo Jr. days? Or what about the Disney shorts that include award-winning short films like the canine-centric Feast? And then the library digs deep and even has a lot of the classic Silly Symphonies stuff and of course it has Steamboat Willy.

And there's new stuff like the DuckTales reboot series and the brand-new Big Hero 6 animated television series as well. And there's gems like the original DuckTales and the strange Adventures of the Gummi Bears. There are odd properties like Cool Runnings

I have 6 months to explore this library to my heart's content before I need to fully commit to this service. But at less than P150 a month, it's hard to say no, quite frankly. And I'm undeniably a Disney kid at heart.