0267B: BGC Privilege

Whenever I'm preparing an Honestbee delivery order, I take a moment to check out their Facebook page in case of applicable promotions. And without fail the page is always filled with different people leaving comments with complaints about this or that order being late or their card being mischarged.

I've been faithfully using Honestbee for our groceries and even some food deliveries almost every since they started operations and I haven't had any significantly negative incidents, surprisingly enough. I wonder if it's related to the fact that we're in BGC and a lot of these delivery services have always put a bit more focus on Makati and BGC more than other areas. And thus it feels like we have some degree of an advantage over other people based in different cities.

This is not to say it's always perfect. I've had my share of late orders, particularly via foodpanda on busy nights or when it rains. I've had some odd honestbee substitutions in our grocery orders and some less than ideal produce that went bad sooner than I'd like. But none of these incidents have felt serious enough to drive me to ranting on social media or anything.

If true, maybe it's another good reason to stay in BGC for now. It's annoying to get in and out of BGC, but it's not like there are a lot of compelling reasons to leave either.