0267A: How To Staycation?

Some years back I got a free stay at a Holiday Inn at work and it made for the fun little trip for us. It was all the way in the Clark area. We explored the area, tried the casino but only the slot machines) and even explored the local nightlife (which wasn't much).

Every now and then I wonder about planning a sort of staycation with Tobie that doens't involve us leaving Metro Manila. We haven't traveled together in recent years and this feels like a potentially fun experience. But at the same time it seems like such a frivolous waste of money to bother getting a hotel room not that far away from home.

Plus most of our weekend activities involve our games and having friends over and a staycation seems like a bit of a disruption of the gaming calendar. Sure we'll plan this sort of thing well in advance and the calendar will adjust.

But really, how do people map these sorts of things out? Do you get a hotel just because of the hotel amenities and you like the buffet? Or do you hope to do something in the area, which still feels a little silly since you could have just driven there then go home after whatever you did.

That's the core conundrum here. In my head it feels like staying at a hotel means you decided to travel somewhere and going home would be impractical. Otherwise you're just spending money to stay somewhere else? Unless the hotel is super awesome? It feels like fun but it's hard to justify the hassle to the logical side of my brain.