02677: Recovery Mode

So it's been a week since my foot injury and I've avoided my work day yoga routine this whole time. The injury was most likely yoga-related even though I don't particularly remember experiencing any pain during my work out the day before the pain began but the nature of the injury and the particular range of motion it affected seemed to align with many of my poses.

As much as I mainly do yoga for exercise, I do miss it. It was a nice way to center myself at the start of the day plus I do love the reassurance that routine provides. But to be absolutely certain I think I'll wait the rest of this week out then try to go back slowly starting Monday next week.

I have been walking to and from work like before and my return to Pokémon Go has also encouraged somewhat more scenic routes in the name of Poké Stops and other in-game points of interest. It's not exactly high impact physical activity, but it's still better than nothing, right?