02676: Gaming Distractions

The recent Steam sale had me finally get a copy of Dream Daddy out of sheer curiosity. The game was obvious queerbait of a different sort but hey it was cheap enough to experiment with. As far as adventure games though it was really more like a storybook with many, many pages versus a truly interactive experience beyond a mini-game or two. The story was weird as you had to juggle being a single dad and yet were also into getting to become friendlier with all these other dads in the neighborhood.

Is it bad that I wasn't into any of the prospective dads? If we're talking about a happy confluence of looks and personality, none of them seemed to fit the bill on first glance. But to be fair I've only played through one character and the end result was, well, disappointing. But I guess I'm just not the target market for this game.

At the same time I've been trying to deliberately make time to play through the titles in my nearly complete collection of Telltale adventure games. I'm currently juggling the first Batman game and the Guardians of the Galaxy game and both are proving to be quite fun in different ways. I'm surprised at how they've managed to make the games feel distinct despite relying on the same trigger-event system and dialog trees.

Seriously, becoming Batman or Star-Lord has become my quickie lunchtime activity. I don't always have time to play in the evening but I'm enjoying my 30-minute gaming interludes over lunch at least.