02672: Repair Bay

So my foot isn't fully healed but it's definitely doing better. It was a little awkward keeping my leg elevated in the middle of our Changeling the Dreaming game but hey priorities, right? Still had a lot of fun even though it can get a little uncomfortable having your leg raised up like that for long stretches of time.

Today has been pretty lazy as it's been focused on resting my leg and hoping things get better. Tobie has pretty much been my nurse, as always, as he has handled periodically applying Omega on the affected area and binding it with a bandage. As this was discussed as a possible treatment that the folks at the hospital would do had we bothered to go, I figured we might as well do the bandaging at home.

While it's a shame that we weren't able to join the Pride March this year, I think I'll be well enough to join the O Bar Pride Party tonight. I doubt I'll get any serious dancing done given the expected volume of people and my still-healing foot, but I'm glad the tickets we purchased won't go to waste either. Would be nice to see more friends there but I suspect most will be too tired from the March or something. Plus the entrance fee is pretty high this year, but that just goes to show how much work has gone into the event.

So Happy LGBT Pride, everyone! I hope no one injured their feet during the March given my present circumstances.