02671: Critical Hit - Gyro

In the middle of my work day yesterday I noticed that my left leg was feeling a little odd and it was difficult to put weight on it. As a lot of my work day is spent seated, I guess that contributed to me not noticing sooner. By the time work ended I was somewhat limping but still stubbornly walked home with Tobie as was our routine. But the pain continued to rage and I made more of an effort to stay off the leg.

Today I ended up not going to work as walking was proving to be too difficult. With some effort I'm able to shamble across the Sietch decently but I've done my best to avoid walking and focus on keeping the leg elevated. The pain is centered around the muscles at the back of my ankle along the lines of my Achilles tendon. There are sore spots that are sensitive to the touch so it doesn't feel like possible gout.

I tried calling Maxicare's TeleConsult feature that allowed me to speak with a doctor and he seems to agree with my diagnosis. His only advice for now is to keep the leg elevated and shift from cold compresses to warm since it's been over a day. He mentioned taking mild painkillers like paracetamol with the option to switch to celecoxib if it gets really bad. Naturally he said that I could go to the ER and get the foot x-rayed to confirm there's nothing serious, but we'll see how things progress over the course of the night. Yay for special HMO features.

Get better leg! I have a life I want to live and it's LGBT Pride weekend to boot!