0266C: Slow Motion Sunday

Last night's gaming spectators
Last night's board game session was a lot of fun despite ending a little sooner than we'd like. We had sort have hoped to play more upon getting home back after watching the Season 10 Reunion episode of RuPaul's Drag Race we realized how tired we went and just went to bed.

Gaming plans for the day sort of fell through and we ended up using the extra time to just rest and relax. It took us a good 2+ hours to finally get out of the bedroom after waking up the first time. From there we headed over to SM Aura for a haircut and other errands and a Ramen Nagi lunch. After which we headed straight home, lay back down in bed and didn't get up again for another 2+ hours. It's just one of those days.

But the extra bedroom time helped me finish a Battletech novel that I had been working my way through over the past week. It wasn't exactly a terrible book but it's not my favorite and it always takes me more time to read books like that. Now I can move on to more interesting fare to keep my reading queue moving.

Have a good Sunday everyone.