0266A: A Return to the Dreaming

It has been some time since we last played Changeling whether Changeling: The Dreaming or Changeling the Lost by White Wolf. The setting remains to be one of my favorites given my natural affinity for faerie stories and all the quirks of dealing with that magical world but with a darker edge, that is maybe inherent to the genre when you really think about it.

Tonight we're about to start a new Changeling game, this time using the new 20th anniversary edition of the rules that marries a lot of the original source books into one volume and updates the lore to factor in world events since after the start of the new millennium. A lot of the White Wolf books at the time had used the year 2000 (and related fears about the Y2K bug later on) as a turning point event for many of the lines. Obviously a lot has happened since then.

I'm really excited for this game. We're hoping to keep things smaller scale instead of the usual grand epic plots Tobie sets up for us in our other games. We're going to be more protect the neighborhood sort of thing. A small group of Changelings trying to fight off the advancing of Banality from sweeping over everything and potentially taking the Dreaming with it.