02666: Riding With the Parr Family

After work today we squeezed in time to catch The Incredibles 2 because of course this is a movie that we wanted to see. What geek didn't love the first Incredibles movie, right? It was clearly a love letter to the classic super hero genre, one that Brad Bird masterfully brought to life for all of us to celebrate.

The sequel was amazing and it picked up the story right where things left off 14 years ago. And the story felt just as vibrant and action-packed as the first while paying homage to classic moments like Edna Mode's home while creating new memorable scenes, especially with the kids really embracing their powers.

I really appreciate these mid-week movie dates with Tobie. As we both live and work in BGC it leaves a lot more time for activities like this instead of making the trek across the city and spend the length of a movie just getting home. It's slightly pricier living but it has been totally worth it.