02663: Marvel Television Adventures

Marvel's current stable of television shows is a really mixed bag and with each new project it's hard to determine what the real deal is. When the current era of shows began with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. came out, it was really shaky and hardly showed the promise of this expansion of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) into television. Things got better after Captain America: Winter Soldier peaked with the recent conclusion of their fourth season.

The Netflix ventures were mostly good with Daredevil and Jessica Jones really stand out, Luke Cage was politically significant but Iron Fist was a bomb and The Defenders suffered because of it. We've yet to get around to watching The Punisher but we will.

Fox has been making a serious push to create television shows that help redeem them for their mixed bag movies. both Legion and The Gifted turned out to be pretty compelling althogh I personally love Legion most of all.

The more recent creations are very odd. The Inhumans was literally painful to watch and we couldn't finish it while Runaways proved to be a decent but unexceptional adaptation of the comics. We've barely managed to get through the first episode of the new Cloak & Dagger unfortunately because the storytelling is slow as molasses. They're also working on launching a New Warriors show also on Freeform (like Cloak & Dagger) and I'm not at all excited about that possibility given what we're seeing from them so far.

But the shows remain largely independet of the mainstream MCU apart from sporadic references to movie events. At least the Netflix shows all play nice with one another. But beyond that they're all largely independent of one another and totally remote from the movies big events like Infinity War and I guess it'll always be that way.