02662: Throat Blech

The long weekend has finally begun and my throat is feeling oddly gummy and phlegmy. Despite my adherence to my medications it seems that whatever bug is in my throat continues to progress. It'll be a shame if it gets any worse given our weekend plans, but we'll see how things go. I'll just keep hydrating and keep up with my meds and trust that I'll remain well enough to enjoy the extra time off.

Plus it's Father's Day weekend so Tobie and I have our respective family plans in addition to everything else. I just hope the weather cooperates so getting around BGC won't become a hassle. It's convenient to be able to walk around pretty much everywhere but walking isn't as fun in a downpour. If only things could remain a bit more temperate with decent cloud cover but no rain and a steady breeze.

I am not sick. I am not sick. I am not sick. Repeat 100 more times.