02661: Coasting

I've been not-quite-sick for about a week now and it's pretty annoying. As I said before, I haven't been sick enough to take leave from work with a clear conscience but I haven't 100% well either. The continuing gloomy weather just drags me down even more and that's a bummer. I haven't been having coffee as much as usual as I know that's not good for the cough that I still seem to be nursing.

With medication I'm functional with some minor sniffles. Without it then my nose starts leaking and the coughing resumes. It's an odd balancing act that I know how to manage given above average pharmaceutical knowledge. Learn to read the local MIMS - it's totally eye-opening, believe me. But yeah, my only problem is feeling woozy from time to time but that's an inevitable side-effect of cold medicine. Oh life.

Well at least there's only one more work day left for this week, then I'll try to relax again and complete my recovery process. More or less - there are still games to be played and shows to be watched and all that geekery. I'm only human.